The Problem: A lot of Nigerians do not save. Stories of salaries running out even before the 15th day of the month is a normality.
Few invest their money intelligently. Investment knowledge is lacking. Many people are investing wrongly across the country due to financial illiteracy.
Only a tiny fraction compound their investment for the long-term. Even with a thorough savings culture and sound investment knowledge, real wealth comes from the compound effect of consistently repeating the right steps, for the Long Term.

The Solution: InvestNaira aims to engender a smart saving, wise investing and wealth compounding culture in our clients. We are doing this by providing access to various savings tools & educational materials. Using social media, and via our website, we help you to initiate & stick to a Save-Invest-Compound lifestyle.
InvestNaira gives you investment options broadly classified into risky & riskless assets. Risky Assets earn inconsistent returns, are volatile and come with a risk of loss. Examples are currencies, commodities, and stocks. Riskless Assets earn consistent returns, with capital guaranteed. Examples are government & corporate bonds and Treasury-Bills.
We provide a leading-edge range of saving, investing and compounding offerings to help you build wealth for the LONG TERM.