Dear Client, thank you for coming on board InvestNaira. We are on a mission to build a Noah's Ark by helping you Save Smartly, Invest Wisely and Compound Wealth. Your responsibility is to save, we would work to show you. Our responsibility is to Invest, we would continue to focus on preservation of capital while maximising returns. Together we compound wealth as we reinvest the returns of our collaboration over time. Our Strategy for Investing your funds is two fold.

1. Local Currency Exposure (Riskless*)
2. Global Currency Exposure. (Risky*)

We invest in Fixed Income returns in the Nigerian Securities market. The Fixed Income we invest in are of two types.
1. Bonds (2 years and above)
2. Tbills. (Less than 1 year)

Bonds are fixed income return instruments that give a periodic coupon (mostly quarterly) on the sum invested. Bonds vary from 2 years and above. Our bond selection includes the FGN savings Bonds and CBN's bond auction.

Tbills - also known as Treasuries- are short term (less than 366 days) fixed return instruments. They pay a return at the begining of the tenor and principal is returned at the end of the investment period. In Nigeria, Tbills are done in 91, 183 and 364 days.

Our Global currency exposure is domiciled in the USD, the most liquid currency in the world. Over the past 4 years (2012 -2017), the USD has appreciated about 131% over the NGN, that's a compound annual rate of 18%. We have an arrangement with reputable brokers with over 3 decades of providing financial services to clients across several continents. (Alpari, FXpro and Saxo bank ) with access to their trading instruments. Our focus on the Global scene is premised on the most liquid currencies in the world, these are USD, GBP, JPY, AUD and CAD. Furthermore our exposure to dollars allows us to trade BTC-Bitcoins and WTI-Oil on the global scene.

Our Local Currency Exposure can be tracked by looking at the Tbills and NTM auction of the CBN on its official website. Our Global Currency Exposure can be tracked on myFxbook for further information. In the Future, we plan to include asset classes in the Real Estate and Venture Capital space. Currently, it is interesting to note that we have no exposure to the Nigerian Stock Market. It is in the interest of our partners/investors that we continue to play to our forte. We thus would strive to do our job prudently and professionally.

The InvestNaira Team.

If you have any questions about our strategy, please contact us at:

No 16 Emmanuel Kolawole Street