Dear Client, thank you for coming on board InvestNaira. We are on a mission to help you build a Financial Ark that would long endure.

Your responsibility is to save, and doing that consistently. We would work to make it easy.
Our responsibility is to Invest Intelligently; we would continue to focus on preservation of capital while maximizing returns.

Together as we continue to do what works – we provide capital-preserving returns as you walk & watch with us – we compound wealth.

Our strategy is based on years of experience in the local and international markets. Through regulated Intermediaries, We invest locally in the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and in foreign securities with the United States Dollars (USD).

Locally, we invest in the Fixed Income markets through Bonds and Tbills.

On the foreign context, we invest in Currencies, Commodities and CFDs, through Foreign Brokers who give access to the international markets via a pool of Investment Managers.

This combination gives a two-edged exposure that reduces the effect of inflation on a weakening exchange rate between the Naira & Dollar.

Our Local Currency investment in Tbill & Bonds can be tracked on the CBN’s official site
Currently, we have no exposure to the Real Estate, Private Equity, Crypto-Currency or the Nigerian Stock Market. We err on playing to the gallery, but rather to our forte. We would strive to do that prudently and professionally.

The InvestNaira Team.

If you have any questions about our strategy, please contact us at:

No 16 Emmanuel Kolawole Street