Dear Partner,

When we started InvestNaira, we wanted to build a Financial Ark that would sustain the posterity of everyone that comes aboard. We fashioned that this would be done by three overarching pitches.

We would now speak briefly to each of these pillars of our strategy.

Save Smartly| We believe wealth is not a function of how much you earn, but how much you save. When expenses shrink as a percentage income, savings increase. A savings attitude births a wealthy lifestyle. We would continue to show you ways to Save Smartly through our SIC® -Save Invest Compound conferences seminars, & symposiums; our educational media and our signature NairaSense® website.

Invest Wisely| While saving is a first step. We believe, the next step in the ladder of wealth is a healthy investment mindset. We would invest across various asset classes with which we have developed expertise. Our ethos is this,

We would not invest in what we do not understand.

Compound Wealth | The greatest people in history found some purpose to live for and pursued same with passion & perseverance, consistency & commitment. By repeatedly observing a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly routine for decades, they attained great heights. That’s our promise to you. We would

We believe wealth comes from the compounded interest of these traits. And that is what we aim to do at InvestNaira.


This first quarter, our results proofed our mettle.

We had a compound monthly growth, for risky assets, of 1.5% gross of fees. This comes to a Return on Investment - ROI of 4.68%, in Q1 2018. That means if you had invested 100 units of a currency in January, by March, it would be valued at 104.68 units. Our riskless assets earned a monthly simple interest of 1% equivalent to the T-bills of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
The breakdown is below:

We would love to add a caveat here. Do not Judge us by the monthly, quarterly or yearly returns. That is the ebb & flow of the financial markets we are invested in. But, judge us by our ability to Save, Invest & Compound Wealth with you over a long term, a life-time that is.

Our goal to build an ark for the long haul drives all our operations. We plan to stay true to that course. And this is just a first ‘log of wood’ in the Ark of Financial Wealth.

Dear Partner, we acknowledge your faith in investing the blood, sweat & tears of your labour – Capital Assets – with InvestNaira. We would work assiduously to build a life-long financial ark that helps you Save Smartly, Invest Wisely& Compound Wealth.

Thank you for making it aboard the Financial Ark.

Ebube & Toni
Ark Builders @ InvestNaira

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