General questions

InvestNaira is building Africa’s largest investing platform. This is done principally in three ways:
Save Smartly: the first step to wealth is to create a savings culture. When one begins to save, he has begun to secure his future.
Invest Wisely: the ability to sow and and ensure the seed returns with fruits is what intelligent investing is about.
Compound Wealth: all great wealth comes from starting a great business or investing in a great enterprise. And this comes by continuing to invest the returns of any previous interest.

InvestNaira is a long-term solution to your financial needs. InvestNaira seeks to help people who:
* Want to build a nest egg early.
* Want to earn more appropriate returns on their funds.
* Are planning to start up a business sometime in the future.
* Would love to invest in non-traditional asset classes with moderate risks.
* Want to build wealth over the long haul consistently and committedly.

Simple. We are partly a technology firm and partly a financial service operation. Call us FINTECH. And because of this our cost is minimal. We run a lean operation that reduces the cost of hiring staff at a premium. Our premise is this ‘We would not Invest in any thing we do not understand’. Also, we have a dual currency exposure (NGN and USD) because we invest in currencies outside of the naira. This minimizes the impact of single currency and gives a broad range of investment tools.

Account registration at InvestNaira is only required when you want to make investment on the platform. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transaction.

Click the forgot password link on the login page to reset your account password.


1. Conservative
This is an entirely No-Risk fund. All funds would be invested in Treasury bills, Bonds and other guaranteed instruments. As at today, you get up to 10.5% yearly on this fund.

2. Balanced - 50/50 - The Horse
This is a fund with half invested in No-Risk and the other half invested in medium-Risk assets.

3. Aggressive - 90/10 - The Cheetah
This is a fund type almost entirely invested in investments whose values fluctuate wildly over a range.
Our typical case scenario should be between -20 to + 20 percentage points.

The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:

Register an account

Activate your account

Make a Deposit

There are two options. Use of a debit card and bank transfer. You can easily invest continuously by setting up a subscription on the dashboard. Please note that if you make a bank transfer, you have to send an email to with proof of payment to be credited within 24 hours.

We do not discriminate on your investing options. You can go as high as you want or as low as you can afford.

Using your Risk Allocation, you can set your Risky/Riskless allocation. You can use the slider to vary your investing options. For instance:
Sliding to 80: this is an 80% risky and 20% riskless investment. The assets are invested based on the proportion of your allocation.
Sliding to 50: this is a 50% risky and 50% riskless investment. The assets are invested based on the proportion of your allocation.
Sliding to 20: this is a 20% risky and 80% riskless investment. The assets are invested based on the proportion of your allocation.
Beginning in October 2018, we are introducing a 3 fund structure as follows
Fund 1 : 100/0: that is 100% capital guaranteed.
Fund 2: 50/50: 50% for capital preservation & 50% for capital appreciation
Fund 3: 20/80: 20% Capital preservation & 80% capital Appreciation.
We introduce this to enable keep our Investment options simple.
If you want your asset allocation outside of these, please send us an email @

Yes, you can. From a minimum of 3 months till as long as your time frame permits. The longer you specify, the more your compounded returns

Yes, at the beginning of each quarter. You can switch your investment allocation option based on your risk level and duration. Send a mail to with the subject "Asset Allocation Change".
Note: You can only set your allocation and duration once on your dashboard. Any change after that requires that you send an email.

For as long as you want. Remember, we are building with you a generational nest egg. We want to compound for as long as you live and hereafter.

Yes, during the withdrawal window. The withdrawal window opens during the first 14 days of each quarter (1-14 January, 1-14 April, 1-14 July, 1-14 October). During this window, your returns are paid and your asset allocation is rebalanced based on returns earned. However, every additional naira and every new day counts when you are compounding wealth for the long haul.

Withdrawal outside the withdrawal window attracts a penalty of 5% on the amount withdrawn.

Your investment start to earn returns after a maximum of two weeks after deposit and there after on a consistent daily basis. Your return would be credited at the end of each month (for riskless investments) and quarterly (for risky investments).

Yes, you can. From your dashboard, you can view all your investments operations and log. You can monitor how well your investments are doing from month to month. Further, we push feeds and information to your verified email address on key events in your InvestNaira account. So you are always up to speed on your goal to compound wealth.

For a 100% riskless account, You earn as much as the Treasury bills rate of return, currently at 10.5% for a 365 day tenor. (July 2018). This is subject to change based as determined by the Central Bank. However, for the risky investment, the investment depends on the returns by asset classes.

InvestNaira does not charge except when you make subscription for our services. When we earn returns on your investment, we take 20% of the total profits accrued to the account. Outside of that, we have no other fees. No maintenance, No COT, no VAT, no hidden charges.

Your security is a priority with us at InvestNaira. Critical customer information is encrypted and stored securely. We do not store your card information as we work with a compliant payment systems to handle all your card details.

The percentage of your assets in riskless investment are secured by the full faith and credit of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is basically where all riskless investments are held. The percentage of assets in risky investments would fluctuate from time to time. However, the first rule for us in investing money is preservation of capital.

InvestNaira is run by a seasoned set of dedicated minds with decades of experience in Finance, Technology and Media. We are undergoing registration as a Multipurpose Cooperative Society - MCS.

The securities we invest in are not taxed by the Internal Revenue Service. However, for taxes, consult a professional.

You can open an account and begin with us today Click Here. You can also sign up as an InvestNaira Ambassador or begin to compound wealth by starting your own business and working with InvestNaira to scale it up. Send a mail to for this.

We invest in securities based on a thorough research process and expect their appreciation. We guarantee no returns neither do we lay claim to knowing markets directions. We just bring our years of experience to bear.

We report on a Monthly and Quarterly Basis.

We take a percentage on returns on Investments.