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Save Smartly

Become financially literate via articles, podcasts and videos.

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Invest wisely

Make wise Investment decisions in different asset classes including Treasuries, Bonds, Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Emerging Currencies.


Compound Wealth

Join the largest investment community, meet experts and learn about finance and investments.

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Building a Financial Ark

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What makes us different?

InvestNaira has all the important features and technology needed to help you save smartly, Invest wisely and compound wealth. We are here for the LONG-TERM.


We are PCI-compliant, with fraud management built-in.


We INVEST in foreign currencies too.

Set a date for withdrawal

Investing with us is so easy, you just need to set a date with us

Zero account setup fees

Investnaira accounts are free. No account maintenance fees. No SMS fees.

Quarterly report

Afraid of being left in the dark? Don't worry. We give an explict quarterly report to keep you up-to-date.

We're here for people.

At InvestNaira, we make sure you get the best customer experience

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